Ghibli challenge day 1: First Ghibli Film


Howl’s moving castle

When I was a kid (and didn’t know what anime was, Pokemon and Hamtaro were just regular cartoons for me) this was the only Ghibli movie that was passed on TV, it was the weird movie with the talking fire and the old lady. I watched it on a national channel and didn’t even know the name of the movie until I was 13/14 years old.

Funny fact: Sometimes I turn the TV on and put the channel where the movie was shown in hope to watch it again (1. I don’t watch TV anymore, I don’t like it 2.I have the DVD so there is no reason why I couldn’t watch it any time).





4 thoughts on “Ghibli challenge day 1: First Ghibli Film

    1. Mmmm it was that weird movie back then I was used to princess stories(mostly because Disney movies where the only thing my parents bought). I am afraid I might spoil other days if I answer the other 2 questions.


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