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Web scraping for beginners like me

What is web scraping? As I mentioned in a previous post we need a lot, a LOT LOT of data for data mining. In today's world this is not an issue, every second we are producing information (photos, posts, articles,databases) . And the internet contains a lot of data, some of it's private but most… Continue reading Web scraping for beginners like me

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What is data mining?

It has been a really long time since I made a technology related post. For those that are new to this blog: First: Hi!, welcome I hope you have a good time reading some of my posts. Second I like to make tech posts, you'll occasionally see them in the blog and lately I've been… Continue reading What is data mining?

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Social Engineering: Basic attacks(techniques)

Continuing with these series of posts, now I tell you some basic SE techniques: Tailgating: It consists of following someone authorized to enter a restricted area when we are not authorized to enter that place. Human courtesy place a big role here: imagine you see someone behind you that is carrying something heavy or lots… Continue reading Social Engineering: Basic attacks(techniques)

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Cyber Sec: Keyloggers

Imagine someone could obtain everything that you have typed in your keyboard, or even take screenshots of your computer. Well, both of these actions can be accomplished thanks to keyloggers. A keylogger is a program that records the keys you type on your keyboard, this record is then sent to a specific server (where the attacker can… Continue reading Cyber Sec: Keyloggers

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Cyber Security: Malvertising

Have you ever entered a website and saw an ad like this: MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM HOME WITH THIS SECRET TECHNIQUE!!! You can't miss this opportunity!!!, well if you have (and is very likely you did) you just watched a malvertise. Malvertising is a practice used in web designed to camouflage malware in advertising… Continue reading Cyber Security: Malvertising