Mini life update

Today there won't be a post, like a traditional post. It is a sad day for my family, it marks the eighth anniversary of my brother's passing. This morning I went to pick up my grandma, so we can leave flowers at his resting place. The month of October has been always an emotional month… Continue reading Mini life update


Goodreads book tag

Hello! continuing with bookish theme for October. I went ahead and searched for some popular book tags, and have some fun answering them. Sho here goes the goodreads booktag: Last book marked as read According to the my books section last booked marked as read is The Caves of Steel by Asimov. I loved it,… Continue reading Goodreads book tag


Watch with me: Kino’s Journey (3-4)

So this two episodes have a common theme: moving countries. Both ideas, the ship country and the bothersome country, are fascinating to me. In episode 3 Kino finds herself in the bothersome country, a country that literally goes moving around earth; so its citizens can admire different landscapes. This idea is wonderful, but it represents… Continue reading Watch with me: Kino’s Journey (3-4)