Exchange: week 3 of 20

This was my first week of classes!. Well sort of, I am not enrolled in some of my courses yet but I have been going to the lectures anyway (just in case I do end up enrolled in them). The week started with a meeting, I got to know people living in the same apartments… Continue reading Exchange: week 3 of 20


Anime movie: Flavors of youth

I watched this movie while I was flying to Panama (Netflix downloads are truly a savior), and to be honest I was expecting something very different. I thought all the stories revolved around food, I mean all of them have something to do with Youth but only one of them connects those feelings of youthness… Continue reading Anime movie: Flavors of youth


Why I didn’t blog much the last couple of months?

This could be a long or short story depending how you look at it, so lets start: Last July someone from my social circle found out about the blog accidentally (which means I didn't share with this person the blog), I wasn't really comfortable with this so I freaked out and went in to create… Continue reading Why I didn’t blog much the last couple of months?