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Reading time: The man who loved dogs

It's been ages since I posted a book review,  I literally spent all the month of september reading this book. I have quite a lot to say about it but first basic facts: Original title:El hombre que amaba a los perros Author: Leonardo Padura Genre: Historical fiction Goodreads synopsis The story revolves around Iván Cárdenas Maturell, who… Continue reading Reading time: The man who loved dogs


Is it good to be obliged to read in school?

Last month in my language class(equivalent to an English class I think?)  the teacher announced us that we were going to read a book (a historical novel) for class and the general response was a sad: Nooooooo.... :(. It amazed me a bit because we are college students, by this point I thought they already… Continue reading Is it good to be obliged to read in school?

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Reading Time: Howl’s moving castle favorite quotes!

Yes Sophie's hair is reddish in the book. Anyway is finished reading the book in which this beloved ghibli movie is based off. In the future I want to make a deep analysis of both the movie and the book as well as a comparison of both. But for now I thought I'll share some… Continue reading Reading Time: Howl’s moving castle favorite quotes!


Reading Time: Sputnik Sweetheart

  Original title:スプートニクの恋人 [Supūtoniku no Koibito] Author: Haruki Murakami Genre: Adult Contemporary Goodreads synopsis Sumire is in love with a woman seventeen years her senior. But whereas Miu is glamorous and successful, Sumire is an aspiring writer who dresses in an oversized second-hand coat and heavy boots like a character in a Kerouac novel. Sumire spends… Continue reading Reading Time: Sputnik Sweetheart


Reading time: The japanese lover

Original Title: El amante japonés (2015) Author: Isabel Allende Genre: Narrative “Happiness is not exuberant or noisy, like pleasure or joy; it’s silent, tranquil, and gentle; it’s a feeling of satisfaction inside that begins with self-love.” Synopsis In 1939, as Poland falls under the shadow of the Nazis, young Alma Belasco's parents send her away… Continue reading Reading time: The japanese lover