Mangas I am reading 2020 edition

I think I consume more manga than anime, especially since I read manga on my phone. So here are the titles I've been enjoying lately: The duchess in the attic Opal Halloway, the daughter of a Count, was prepared to inherit her family's title. Although she once dreamed of a romance brimming with love, she… Continue reading Mangas I am reading 2020 edition

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Geek Out Challenge(11): Favorite manga

Full list and creator of challenge here Day 11 – Favorite manga or comic book series? Hands down Deadman Wonderland, I thinks it's the right length and honestly liked all of the arcs (some of them are just masterpieces in my opinion). It is also one of the first mangas I read, and completed (the title of… Continue reading Geek Out Challenge(11): Favorite manga


Book recommendation challenge: Day 13

Graphic novel / comic/ manga The garden of words by Makoto Shinkai Why? First of all because the drawings are simply gorgeous ,and second of all if you're someone that enjoys poetry.The person that translate it did a good job, at least if they didn't translate literally they managed to keep the beauty of the… Continue reading Book recommendation challenge: Day 13