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Geek Out Challenge(11): Favorite manga

Full list and creator of challenge here Day 11 – Favorite manga or comic book series? Hands down Deadman Wonderland, I thinks it's the right length and honestly liked all of the arcs (some of them are just masterpieces in my opinion). It is also one of the first mangas I read, and completed (the title of… Continue reading Geek Out Challenge(11): Favorite manga


Tag: Building my own Harem

Sorry for the clickbait, I haven't watched Free! XD. Anyway, I've seen this tag around for some time and I actually was tagged by Al from Slice of Alfredo, So here it goes: Howl Pendragon from Howl's moving castle I am pretty sure he is default husbando for Ghibli fans.   Crow(Senji Kiyosama)  from Deadman… Continue reading Tag: Building my own Harem


The Lost day(26): Best anime fight

At the beginning I wasn't going to give too much thought to this one but I watched this video:   And I chose Woodpecker vs Crow from Deadman Wonderland (If they had finished animating the manga I would have chosen another one but this will do). Following the analysis shown in the first… Continue reading The Lost day(26): Best anime fight


Day 22: Favorite weapon,gear or armor used in an anime

Easy one: branches of sin from deadman wonderland. If you haven't seen deadman wonderland basically a branch of sin is the ability to use your blood as a weapon, each deadman has its own and unique sin branch. You have swords made of blood, whips, little bullets, explosives and even one that works as an… Continue reading Day 22: Favorite weapon,gear or armor used in an anime


Day 5: anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed

I'm ashamed I enjoyed the animation of deadman wonderland,that is it I said it. Okay, okay first let's clarify something about deadman wonderland : people hate the anime but the manga is a ,masterpiece in my opinion(ok I may be exaggerating a bit but is my favorite manga). Why I should be ashamed? because as… Continue reading Day 5: anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed