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Exchange: week 2 of 20

Hello! So this week was a bit more emotional than I thought. I had some difficult days, I had to say goodbye to my family and felt a bit homesick. The last few days with my mom and sister were good, we went to see Mary Poppins and ate yummy things. (I think the olive… Continue reading Exchange: week 2 of 20


Exchange: week 1 of 20

So this adventure just started!. So the format of these posts is going to be a series of highlights from each week, along with some pictures. Before leaving I had lots of packing and a couple of errands to do; I bought this little llama so I have something that reminds me of home (yes,… Continue reading Exchange: week 1 of 20


Why I didn’t blog much the last couple of months?

This could be a long or short story depending how you look at it, so lets start: Last July someone from my social circle found out about the blog accidentally (which means I didn't share with this person the blog), I wasn't really comfortable with this so I freaked out and went in to create… Continue reading Why I didn’t blog much the last couple of months?

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Social Engineering: gathering information

In this post, I'll show you some methods social engineers use to gather information about an organization or person. OSINT: Open Source Intelligence, with this framework the information is gathered from public sources. Examples of this sources are traditional mass-media, open source information provided by the government, blogs, social media, wikis, conferences, online libraries. Many… Continue reading Social Engineering: gathering information