What is Competitive Programming? 

If you are new to the programming world perhaps you have heard the term: competitive programing. And just like it sounds the objective of it is solving problems through code in the quickest way possible. This is how a competition of competitive programing works: you have a team and you're given a set of problems… Continue reading What is Competitive Programming? 


Is it good to be obliged to read in school?

Last month in my language class(equivalent to an English class I think?)  the teacher announced us that we were going to read a book (a historical novel) for class and the general response was a sad: Nooooooo.... :(. It amazed me a bit because we are college students, by this point I thought they already… Continue reading Is it good to be obliged to read in school?


The Lost day(26): Best anime fight

At the beginning I wasn't going to give too much thought to this one but I watched this video:   And I chose Woodpecker vs Crow from Deadman Wonderland (If they had finished animating the manga I would have chosen another one but this will do). Following the analysis shown in the first… Continue reading The Lost day(26): Best anime fight