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BuJo: June 2019

Okay this may be a bit random, originally I planned to do a monthly BuJo post. While I was away from home I didn't have all my pens and supplies for bujoing (so months January through May look kinda ugly, with a few exceptions). I'll do a end of year BuJo flip through, but for… Continue reading BuJo: June 2019


Exchange: week 4 of 20

I can't believe is 4 weeks already. Time is going by really fast. This week was quite stressful and slow I had to figure out some banking stuff, and I wasn't aware that you need to make an appointment to be helped by someone at the bank. So I ended up making two trips to… Continue reading Exchange: week 4 of 20

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Small hiatus

Hi!!!, well as the title says I'll be entering on a small hiatus. I had a trip last week and college just got really intense. So there won't be posts till the 20th of this month. I really miss writing and reading posts but for now, I just have to prioritize. Bye-bye Laurel