College life: classes this semester!

I started my last semester of sophomore year in college a few days ago and to be honest I was excited to begin again.This semester I've taken 5 classes and i'll be adding another extra course outside from college.I'll list my classes and what I expect from them: Language II: This is an optional class… Continue reading College life: classes this semester!

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College experience: my first semester … again

Note: for better understanding please read a previous post here. As i mentioned previously after my first semester in another college I decided to change major and college, this post is a bit more related about the change itself and why I picked both major and college. Since I wasn't getting into this college just… Continue reading College experience: my first semester … again

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College: studying for computer architecture class

So I think most college students are in that "beautiful" time of the semester where it seems they're finally turning into zombies.Only that where I study I'm actually a month away from finals, but that doesn't make my life easier. I call may the month of  "give as many projects, practices, quizzes and exams to… Continue reading College: studying for computer architecture class