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Web scraping for beginners like me

What is web scraping? As I mentioned in a previous post we need a lot, a LOT LOT of data for data mining. In today's world this is not an issue, every second we are producing information (photos, posts, articles,databases) . And the internet contains a lot of data, some of it's private but most… Continue reading Web scraping for beginners like me

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Huffman’s Encoding

A while ago I made a post talking about data compression, this was part of a college project where I had to learn and be able to explain a certain topic. In my case, it was text compression and today I will write about one of the methods to achieve text compression. This method is… Continue reading Huffman’s Encoding

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Cyber Security: Malvertising

Have you ever entered a website and saw an ad like this: MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM HOME WITH THIS SECRET TECHNIQUE!!! You can't miss this opportunity!!!, well if you have (and is very likely you did) you just watched a malvertise. Malvertising is a practice used in web designed to camouflage malware in advertising… Continue reading Cyber Security: Malvertising