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Cyber Security: Phishing

It's been a long time since I posted about a cyber security related topic; so in order to retake this set of posts we'll talk about another term in the cyber security world: Phishing. Do you remember when you used to get those emails telling you that someone wanted to make you a deposit to… Continue reading Cyber Security: Phishing


MVC model

In this post i'll give a short explanation on what is the MVC model and why is used, I must tell you that I'm not an expert since I've done this post based on everything I researched online. MVC stands for Model View Controller, is an architecture paradigm. This means that the program built in… Continue reading MVC model

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Cyber Security: Malvertising

Have you ever entered a website and saw an ad like this: MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM HOME WITH THIS SECRET TECHNIQUE!!! You can't miss this opportunity!!!, well if you have (and is very likely you did) you just watched a malvertise. Malvertising is a practice used in web designed to camouflage malware in advertising… Continue reading Cyber Security: Malvertising

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Day blog: The Competition is finally here

So saturday morning was the day of the contest and I'll share my experience with you.First let's talk about the organization process. My job was to prepare the set of problems, and the problems where provided by a senior student and a couple of Websites. We had a couple of meetings for planning and on… Continue reading Day blog: The Competition is finally here


What is Competitive Programming? 

If you are new to the programming world perhaps you have heard the term: competitive programing. And just like it sounds the objective of it is solving problems through code in the quickest way possible. This is how a competition of competitive programing works: you have a team and you're given a set of problems… Continue reading What is Competitive Programming?