Ending a cycle: Thank you for everything

Today is the 4th anniversary of this blog, when I started it 4 years ago I was so sure I get bored of it a couple of months later and leave it. But I didn’t, I actually had a good posting schedule for 3.5 years of those 4. Back in December I felt like I had to make a choice, blogging was stressing me out and I honestly wasn’t enjoying it. I then decided to make it more casual, I would casually blog and avoid looking at stats, I thought back then that the problem was me thinking to much about view numbers and followers. Well turns out it wasn’t that, or at least just that.

I kinda outgrew my blog in a sense, I still enjoy reading and I occasionally watch anime but I think I am happy enough with just consuming these media for now. I started this blog with a large amount of topics, here I talked about books, anime, technology, computer science and my life in general. I kinda treated it as a diary and that was the part I enjoyed the most. But I don’t feel the same joy and excitement that I used too, so I think this is the perfect time for a goodbye.

Thank you to every single person that gave me a few minutes of their day, thank you to every reader and every commenter. This experience has helped me a lot, with my skills in English as well as challenging myself to put part of me out there (I am terribly shy). To the 215 account that were subscribed in one point or another thank you so much.

I kinda see this as my college passion project, and today I can say to you I am no longer a college student but a graduate. I am about to star new experiences and take more responsibilities.This is me closing this chapter. I’ve decided I won’t delete the blog, but I am taking down all posts I consider personal and storing them for future me.

Have a lovely life.



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