Anime review: Origin spirits of the past

Other names: Silver-Haired Agito,  Gin’iro no Kami no Agito

Year: 2006

Studio: Gonzo

MAL synopsis

Three hundred years ago, a genetic experiment gone wrong caused the mutation of all forests on Earth. Armed with consciousness, the vegetation sought to destroy all of humankind, and the war that ensued turned the planet into a hellish dystopia.

In the present day, Agito, a young boy, lives with his father in Neutral City—a village maintaining an uneasy truce with the neighboring forest. One day, Agito, on his way to collect water, becomes separated from his friend and stumbles upon a relic of the past: a girl sleeping in a mysterious machine.

My review

It’s been a while since I reviewed an anime movie, I do keep a list of movies I want to watch but I always end up forgetting to do so. Anyway this was actually on TV, I was doing chores around the house and turned the tv so I could have a little background noise and this was on. The first I didn’t watch it complete because it had already started when I tuned in but I looked it up later.

I think the concept of the movie is pretty cool(futuristic yet nature has taken back control) but somehow I felt it needed more development, like for a second I thought I was watching a sequel or a companion movie to an anime. Also there is an INTENSE case of INSTA-LOVE here, like literally Agito was willing to risk his life for Toola just 2 days after meeting her. Also this boy screams Tooooolaaaa every 5 scenes I swear.

Anyhow it is a solid 7 for me.

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