True Crime: podcasts, books and more

One of my guilty pleasures is consuming True Crime content (and yes I will call it guilty because I am pretty sure no one wants to admit that morbidly knowing about crime is really a good thing). Mostly because I am truly fascinated by human nature, also because I like to know bad people can be caught (therefore I kinda abstain from unsolved old cases) and lastly because I do think I could learn a couple of things from it (wether how to proceed with more caution in life or how to help a victims loved ones).

So if by any chance there is someone interested in True Crime or would like to know about it I made his post talking about some of the True Crime content I generally watch/listen/read:


The main source of True Crime for me is podcasts, I would listen to them generally doing other activities or walking. As for the type of podcasts I listen: I rather have a serious tone on them, I kinda find it displeasing when people are talking about crime while joking. And if we have experts on the field id 10 times better.


Casefile is a podcast hosted by an anonymous australian, I feel he tells this events in a respectful manner, besides he makes updates on cases occasionally. It talks about cases from all over the world but does tend to focus in cases from english-speaking countries and europe.

Real crime profile

Real crime profile is a podcast hosted by Jim Clemente, Laura Richards and Lisa Zambetti. They mainly discuss true crime cases that have been document in other sources like movies, series or documentaries. What is interesting about this podcasts is the expertise of the hosts, Jim has worked for the FBI in the past and Laura for New Scotland Yard, while Lisa acts more like a representation of the public (someone that doesn’t have the training of law enforcement but is still interested in these cases).

Strictly Stalking

The hosts on this podcast talk with victims of stalking, they tell their stories and the lessons they learned. The guests usually give tips for anyone that is going through the same. I like this podcast because it talks about a topic that people tend to sweep under the rug, lots of murder victims were stalking victims so bringing awareness about it is important.


I’ll mention a couple of channels that I do watch, even though I like podcasts more the additional value that brings watching a video is seeing photos (sometimes someone is still missing so it’s useful to see their picture, sometimes they put photos of the person before the crime). I won’t dwell much on them because I think mainly the youtuber I watch are just regular people that like talking about true crime:

  • Danelle Hallan (I believe she is actually studying to become either a criminologist or a lawyer)
  • Heavy casefiles (posts about recently solved cases)
  • Kendall Rae (She works with the victim’s family, giving them a platform for unsolved cases )

I would occasionally watch recommended videos, mainly I like people that treat a case seriously so anyone either joking oor doing their makeup doesn’t really sit well with me.


I haven’t read much about true crime, but I did read two books I would like to mention:

This is the first book about true crime that I ever read, and I found out about it precisely on a podcast. It is a weird case, Jennifer Pan killed her parents because they were tiger parents. It just blows my mind how many lies can someone tell.

Haruki Murakami is a popular fiction author, but i this book he remember one of the most gruesome and sd event on japanese history. The Tokyo sarin gas attack. Rather than telling you what happens Murakami interviews multiple victims, what happened through their eyes and the effects this attack had on them.

And those are some of the sources of content for True Crime, there are also lots of communities where they actually try to solve cases.

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