Geek Out Challenge(30): Obsessed over fandom

Full list and creator of challenge here

Day 30 – Most obsessed-over fandom?

And she started to wonder what was the fandom she was most obsessed with… as 5 totoro plushies , 3 totoro posters,and multiple howl’s moving castle fanarts hanging on the wall all looked at her…

Ghibli without a doubt, I am writing this while sitting next to a 20 in totoro pillow lies next to me in bed. I used to worry liking Ghibli movies will make me look kinda childish but then I walked into the largest software company in my country and saw a GIANT totoro mural and I thought if the 50 something year old CEO of this company thinks having a giant Totoro is cool why should I worry?

I think Ghibli movies have beautiful messages, they are good at portraying how human really are (not everyone is a hateful villain pure of evil), these messages may have not taught me anything new but at least made me reflect on them.

And with that we conclude this challenge, I had a lot of fun thinking about some of the prompts and I enjoyed doing the challenge. Thanks again to a GeekyGal for creating this challenge. I would love to see if anyone else does this challenge, up in every post you have the link and rules to do it if you want to.

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