Geek Out Challenge(21): Fandom influence

Full list and creator of challenge here

Day 21 – How did fandoms influence you and your life?

I was always a loner, I wish I could say I am “kinda a loner” but no. In my earlier years I didn’t have friends to play that much, at least not permanent ones, more like for some reason we play a recess but not more than one. So I spend a LOT of time by myself.

As a teenager and with the access to internet popularizing in my country I did find a lot of company through fandoms, like you get this awesome feeling of belong. Also by this time my friendship where cemented on sharing common interests, I was actually introduced to anime and manga by one of my best friends (like I had watched pokemon as a child but I didn’t know there was this huge industry that produces many animes a year). As an adult this blog is basically the result of wanting to create content to express my love and opinion about some of the things I enjoy in life; and listening to other opinions on these beautiful things.

So basically, even though I enjoy being alone being part of fandoms makes me not feel lonely. The community aspect of fandoms is the most wonderful thing, you can create and share about something everyone in said fandom enjoys.

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