Geek Out Challenge(19): Underrated series

Ok this is not geeky but The Crown, honestly, such a good series. I was never bothered with royals and all that jazz, especially since it’s such a foreign concept for me. But the drama and acting in The Crown is top notch.

I began watching it with my sister because she is a die-hard potterhead and thus became interested in British culture in general. And oh boy did we binge watch it, we actually binge watched all of the seasons as soon as they came out. And next season is going to be great, I don’t live under a rock so even someone that doesn’t care much about royals knows about Princess Diana. Probably there is a lot of fiction on this series but I am not here for historical accuracy I am here for a good drama.

Honestly I don’t even know if this is underrated but so far I haven’t talked to many people that know about it and have actually watched it. If you are a fan of the crown let me know, I need to know there is more people that enjoy this than me and my sister.

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