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Geek Out Challenge(16): Crossover I would like to see

Full list and creator of challenge here

Day 16 – What crossover would you like to see?

Uhhhh, I had to think about this one. As a kid I wasn’t really a fan of crossovers, with some exceptions (Jimmy Neutron and The Fairly Oddparents was a good one). Finally I decided to be a bit plain and decided to go with a ghibli fan favorite:

Howl’s moving castle and Kiki’s delivery service

Since both worlds seem to have magic as a common occurence I can see that happening, is true that magic in Howl’s moving castle is more out there but I have 2 possible options for a crossover:

  • Both are in the same universe at the same time, if you have read Howl’s moving castle (the book by Diana Wynne Jones) you know that there is multiple Kingdom’s in this world and there is also a way to go through other alternative worlds (I’ll leave it at that because SPOILERS). So Kiki’s world could be in another Kingdom or a different alternative world to Howl’s. In this world I can totally see how Sophie becomes sort of a mentor for Kiki, or someway they become allies for an adventure.
  • Both are in the same universe but different time periods. In Kiki’s delivery service we see that they have cars and radios, Howl and Sophie’s world is very steampunk and form an older era. Imagine if for some reason magic started to deteriorate and the world became more like Kiki’s through time. Kiki could be somehow related to Howl and Sophie, like a descendant of them. Imagine if calcifer returns after many years (cuz he is sorta inmortal) and finds Kiki and we figure out what happened with magic in all those years.

And that is a crossover I would like to see, considering how Studio Ghibli works I think is highly unlikely but at least I can look for some fanfic about it.

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