Geek Out Challenge(14): Super power

Full list and creator of challenge here

Day 14 – What superpower would you like to have?

Ok I don’t know how this superpower would be called, but I want to know everything of a person just by looking at them. Not like mind reading, because that would be listening to their current thoughts. No, I mean I want to know your past, how do you feel about certain topics, your dislikes and likes, your relationship with other people, even your secrets, what did you dream last night, what are you afraid of, what makes you happy, EVERY SINGLE THING. Like I look at you and I know you probably better that yourself.

I guess the major counter point of this would be information overload, like if you are an empathic person you’ll probably would end up depressed if you had that superpower (or at least awfully anxious, because people have lots of worries). But it is also fun to see how this can be used for good and evil; like this superpower doesn’t grant inmortaly nor resistance, like you are a vulnerable human being with this ability How do you navigate the world?

2 thoughts on “Geek Out Challenge(14): Super power

  1. Interesting idea! Maybe the information overload problem can be solved if you moderate the superpower, like making it so that you can only read everything about a person if you hold hands with them for 10 seconds? That way you won’t accidentally read anyone, and there would be a bit more consent!

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    1. Ohh I like that idea!, but part of the idea is that i I know there is someone planning an evil scheme I could stop them witht the info. Also another downside would be finding out thing you reall really don’t want to find out, so this would be solved if you have the option to skip some people

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