Geek Out Challenge(12): Favorite videogame

Full list and creator of challenge here

I don’t play too many videogames, mosly because I don’t own conssoles and have a laptop that won’t deal with too many games. However the games I do own I play a LOT.

So based on hours I’ve played and fun I had my favorite video games are The Sims (I played versions 1,3, wii and 4). I consider myself a very imaginative person so it is easy to make up stories in my mind, I am not that great at building or decorating but I have fun while doing it.

Another reason I like the sims is that I can listen to podcasts while I play and focus on both, I tend to like games where I can do that . I currently play The Sims 4, and listen to mostly True crime podcasts (There will be a post about this soon).

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