Geek Out Challenge(10):Favorite movie

Full list and creator of challenge here

Day 10 – Favorite movie (or movie series)?

Okay I am going to cheat big time in this one, so enjoy the multiple categories:

Favorite anime movie

Hands down Howl’s moving castle, I watched this movie so many times I can recite lines from it. I LOVE Howl’s moving castle, I really do. Like I am actually considering to get a tattoo about it. I also love the book.

Favorite animated movie (not anime, told you about cheating)

Mulan is my favorite animated movie, probably my favorite Disney movie as well. I just love the music, the humor, the story, and I have fond childhood memories related to it. I wanted to see the live adaptation on the big screen but it doesn’t seem likely for now.

Favorite live action movie

Horns is a movie adaptation of a Joe Hill book I haven’t read yet; but it stars Daniel Radcliffe as the lead and honestly that is why I picked it up on the store. And it’s such a WTF movie without context but its really awesome. I see it as a dark comedy, with horror elements.

Honorable mentions: The hunger games saga, The fault in our stars, Deadpool, Wall-e, Most Ghibli films, Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire, Parasite, The Shining, and more I can’t remember at the moment.

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