Geek Out Challenge(7): I think I wouldn’t love it

Full list and creator of challenge here

Day 7 – What fandom do you love that you didn’t think you would?

Okay so I was slightly confused about this question, I thought it was talking about the fandom as a community; but reading I think it means about something you think you wouldn’t like but you ended up liking it.

If thats the case honestly it would be Game of Thrones. I thought it was full of blood and adult content (well it is LOL) but it didn’t appeal to me. And I have a small confession to make, I haven’t watched the first 3 seasons fully yet.

At first only my sister watched it, and one day I was chatting with her in the tv room while the 4th season of GoT was airing. I watched the episode and I really liked it, I began to watch from that point onwards without much context. but with my sis help and google I filled in the gaps. I watched the first season with my cousin, almost to the end, and bits from 2nd and 3rd. On the final seasons I was actively commenting with friends and making theories and all.

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