Geek Out Challenge(6): Inspiring geeks

Full list and creator of challenge here

Day 6 – What real life geek inspires you?

Ohhhh I love this question, and actually I have two awesome people I’ll like to mention:

John Green

John Green inspires me not only because he is a good author but because he is an awesome nerd. He and his brother Hank share a youtube channel called vlog brothers that I love to watch; and also are the creators of Crash Course (even as an adult I am still watching videos on topics because they are genuinely interesting). He just has a passion for learning that I really admire. I began following him on YouTube just after I read TFIOS, and I’ve been watching content since then. Turtles all the way down is still on my TBR tough.

Shannon Morse

Technically a youtuber but that is not how I became to know about her. Shannon works in the cyber security field, the first time I heard of her (and her) was on a podcast talking about cybersecurity related issues. And I was soooo happy to know there are women in this field, I felt inspired by her, and luckily found out she has a YouTube channel where she talks about technology, online privacy and occasionally vlogs. She is also a huge fan of Sailor Moon and has another channel dedicated to it.

And those are 2 real life geeks that inspire me.

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