Geek Out Challenge(5): Geekiest thing

Creator of challenge and full list here

Day 5 – What is the geekiest thing you’ve ever done?

Okay I don’t know if this counts but I once made the strawberry shortcake cake from anime for a friends birthday. It was while I was in highschool so it was kind of a challenge, and she was an anime fan, especially Shoujo.

i don’t have any pictures but I really tried to make it as close as to the anime version as possible. Also I would like to mention that at the time there wasn’t any cake being sold where I live that even looks similar to it.

Besides that I think among geek things I do is wear anime/technology t-shirts, sometimes I use pop-culture references,I also wore casual cosplay (when you use regular clothes that are inspired of characters). I also really wanted to name my dog Ashitaka, but my sister won that fight.


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