Anime review: Are you lost?

Other names: Sounan desu ka

Studio: Ezo’la

Number of episodes: 12

Originated from a manga with the same name, Are you lost? is a comedy/survival story about a group of high school students stranded on an island. Each girl has a stereotypical personality that represents her : a princess type, the studios one, a sporty and a serious/mysterious one. The combination of their personalities and the precarious situation they are in cause a lot of comedic moments.

If you have been following the blog for a couple of months I’ve been making posts every two episodes of this anime with my opinion on them. This post is about this anime in general and about the last episode (I’ll mark the spoiler part when it comes).

Now my opinion:

Art: As always the disclaimer I qualify in art is whether I personally like the animation and art style. I found this one ok. the art style is pretty standar and for me the animation is good.

Plot: This is primarily a comedy anime, so comedic relief and fan service where the norm, the latter one can be a bit excessive at times if that is not what you are looking for. About character development, there is some but that is not the focus of this anime, even the dramatic moments are light hearted. Some jokes are dumb but it does have its funny moments.

SPOILERS AHEAD (KINDA)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so about the last episode…. a dramatic situation ensues. Shion gets lost adrift on a raft, and Homare goes look for her. They end up on a small island/ rock, with no clean water, before sun down they decide to go back to the main island and avoid dehydration with a weird solution…

This situation has a happy ending, they get back to the main island and reunite with the other girls. But they are still stranded on an island, until you get a final glimpse of hope when they show Homare’s dad looking for them. And that is how it ends, leaving the anime perfectly wrapped up for a second season.

Overall I enjoyed this anime, a light hearted story with a heavy situation. I hope they pick it up for a second season, I would love to see the girls return home.


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