Watch with me: Ranpo Kitan: game of Laplace(7-10)

So the final villain and twist are revealed, and I am not impressed. On the other hand I did some research and found out about who Edogawa Ranpo is, and apparently lots of the characters como from his work as a writer; with the slight detail that his mystery cases where more robberies and that stuff, not murder.

Okay so I got a little bit more of the secondary characters I mentioned in the last post, but not enough. These episodes focused more on how the main villain entity organizes itself and commits crimes, but the interesting part is that “twenty faces” borns out of a formula that Akechi helped develop while he still was in school so that was definitely interesting. (On that note, there is a couple of scenes where Akechi codes to find possible outcomes of the formula, and being able to read what he codes makes me want to laugh, mostly because there are a bunch of for cycles without sense and that is the segment of code that is repeated over and over).

SPOILER Namikoshi is alive, and tbh it isn’t much of a surprise END OF SPOILER

Episode 10 sets the tone for the series finale, it is a tense situation where two pairs of friends have to “fight ” against each other, and there is a riot all over the city looking for detective Akechi. I think I can predict how this one will end, and is a happy ending, at least that is the vibe I get from it.


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