Mangas I am currently enjoying

I don’t know why I don’t blog more about manga. I mean I read more manga than I watch anime… So, this post is about manga :D.

A couple of things you need to know about my reading preferences:

  • Horror is by far my favorite genre, gore is fine as long as it is not too grotesque (remember: what has been seen cannot be unseen).
  • I rather read a completed series than wait for a new chapter to come out, so I am rather inpatient in that sense.
  • My second favorite genre is probably comedy. Any kind of comedy, sweet comedy, dumb comedy, dark comedy (extra points if a horror story has dark humor).
  • Shoujo is ok most of the time, but teenage love exasperates me.

These are mangas that I am currently reading:

The lady and her butler

Well, in reality, this is a manhwa but I’ll include it in here. This is the romance one on the list.

Imagine one day you come from work and find a complete stranger inside your house; obviously, you kick him out. But after he tells you he is going through a hard time in life, and that he will cook and clean for you in exchange for letting him stay there. So you accept.

And that is the basic premise of this manhwa, well there is more drama for the ones that enjoy it.

The promised neverland

I don’t think this one needs an introduction, I heard that the anime is becoming really popular. Well, I decided to pick this one up after a Spanish youtuber highly recommend it. I love it and it is so hard not to spoil it for people. (I promise I won’t)

Route end

This one is a mystery, sort of. There is a killer that dismembers its victims and arranges the body to spell END. Haruno is a cleaning specialist that deals with crime scenes. Is there any connection between this killer on the loose and Haruno?

The violence action

I started this one recently but it definitely has the dark humor/gore combination. Anyway, here is an internet synopsis:

Are you in need of revenge? Is there someone that you need out of your way? The Pururun All-Natural-Girls Express Service would be more than pleased to help you achieve these things. 

“Kay” is one such cute girl that works for Pururun, and when duty calls, she is there to eliminate anyone her client wants — whether it’s with knives, guns, or acid! How did she come to be a killing specialist, what kinds of people will she meet — and what are her goals?



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