Exchange: week 3 of 20

This was my first week of classes!. Well sort of, I am not enrolled in some of my courses yet but I have been going to the lectures anyway (just in case I do end up enrolled in them).

The week started with a meeting, I got to know people living in the same apartments as I do. We played sort of an icebreaker game, throwing paper planes with our names written on them as a way to meet people.

I had to figure out the bus system in this town, and for some reason there were no buses on Saturday!. Anyway I decided to walk to a museum, it was really interesting. There was a section of the museum that was about native american culture and its presence in Oklahoma.

Most of the week was me trying to figure out where my classrooms were, the campus is hugeeee compared to home so there was a lot of walking involved (mostly because I’m clueless sometimes…)

Classes are okay, I have some that I like better than others. Luckily I had no trouble understanding the professors.(well the majority of times, in big classrooms it get a bit tricky)


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