Anime movie: Flavors of youth

I watched this movie while I was flying to Panama (Netflix downloads are truly a savior), and to be honest I was expecting something very different. I thought all the stories revolved around food, I mean all of them have something to do with Youth but only one of them connects those feelings of youthness with food.

this one is the only food related

Overall, I found myself bored with the short movies I feel like they try way to hard to be deep and artistic; or maybe is just the dub, unfortunately I could only watch the movie dubbed to English and the voices felt pretty monotone at times.

Of the three stories, I think the second is the best one, but it’s more of a slice of life type of story. I like how real the struggle felt for the protagonist, I imagine the modeling world is not an easy career field but I think she tries her best.

The third one is supposed to be a love story but I didn’t root for the couple exactly, and the ending was a but open for my taste.

The animation was beautiful but the plots were a bit bland, it was mildly entertaining. I feel it had so much more potential, or maybe I put the bar way too high with my expectations.

I think that’s all I can say without spoiling the stories .


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