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Exchange: week 2 of 20

Hello! So this week was a bit more emotional than I thought. I had some difficult days, I had to say goodbye to my family and felt a bit homesick.

The last few days with my mom and sister were good, we went to see Mary Poppins and ate yummy things. (I think the olive garden is my favorite US restaurant)

I spent most of my time shopping everything that I’ll need to live; the room I am staying cam with ome basic furniture but no pillows or bedding in general. It was a bit odd, I had to purchase only one cup, one bowl, one knife, one fork, one spoon and one plate.

I officially moved in on Tuesday :). I like the apartment, I find it cozy. The only thing that worries me is the interaction with my roommates; so far I only met one but we haven’t talked that much.

I’ve only taken one picture of campus, but I plan to take more.

Lastly on thursday I had Crimson Connection and I met a lot of International Students, some from my home county as well. I still haven’t found a crowd to hang with but I guess I’ll eventually find the right people.


That’s everything for this week.

Bye Bye


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