Anime review: Castlevania

I actually decided to watch this anime thanks to the review made by another blogger Karandi. Here is her review if you want to check it out:

Since this anime season was short I can’t really make a deep analysis of it, for now i’ll limit myself to talk about the things I enjoyed and didn’t so much of this 4 episode season (I really hope they continue it):

  • I don’t like horror movies but I enjoy a good gore anime, I’m not like a super fan but I think from time to time is awesome to see a gore anime to spice things up.


  • Fights are great, when while fighting characters use clever elements or plan a strategy is interesting to watch. My favorite one so far is definitely Trevor Belmont and the townspeople against the demons (I could describe why but I think it may spoil if you haven’t seen the anime).
  • I like the voice actors they chose, I watched it in english so I can’t really know if they chose good ones for the spanish dub as well.Anyway the voice acting really suits the characters.
  • The team to stop Dracula is awesome. I can’t wait to see them in action and watch their journey. Which brings me to my next point…
  • The only thing I disliked so far is the fact that it was left there with the tema assembled and nothing else, without notice of when it’s going to be continued (there is not an exact date they just state 2018 as a release year).I also heard second season will have 8 episodes and even thought is not as much as I would enjoy at least is double of what we have now.

So those were my thoughts for Castlevania, I want to point out I didn’t play the games so I can’t say  if its true to its source material or not.



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