My favorite flash fiction

Oriol Vall,  takes care of newborns  In a hospital in Barcelona,  says that the first human gesture is the hug.  After coming to the word,  In the beginning of their days,  babies flutter their arms,  Like they were looking for someone.  Other doctor,  that take care of the old ones,  Say that elderlies,  At the… Continue reading My favorite flash fiction


Cyber Sec: Importance of updating

Every person that owns a computer has to deal with those annoying pop ups telling you to update some program in your computer (specially if you are a windows user). They may be a pester for some but ,believe or not, is really important to keep your software updated. Each update covers some vulnerabilities found… Continue reading Cyber Sec: Importance of updating


Watch with me: The ancient magus’ bride (5-8)

I've finally catched up with this anime and I think it could become one of my favorite ones of all time. I just love the animation , the story and the soundtrack. Maybe it is not completely perfect but I enjoy it s lot. So let's talk about what happened in episodes 5-8: First of… Continue reading Watch with me: The ancient magus’ bride (5-8)


Reading Time: By persons unknown

Original Title: By persons unknown Author: John Katzenbach Genre: Mystery, Thriller, detective fiction Goodreads Synopsis (translated) Gabe Dickenson and Marta Rodriguez-Johnson have  impeccably served the police force , until one day their lives take a drastic turn. Now they have to work together in the unsolved cases unit , cases that nobody wants to solve.… Continue reading Reading Time: By persons unknown