How to: Reading assignments

Last month I read a book for one of my classes, it was a historical fiction novel. Since I now lots of people generally have reding as an assignment i'll share some tips that helped me. First you should ask to your teacher how he/she is going to evaluate the assignment, sometimes you'll have to… Continue reading How to: Reading assignments


Movie: The beast and the boy

Note: Long-short I was supposed to write this a month ago but I kept delaying it so I decided just to talk about what I think about the movie without doing much analysis on it (I'd have to rewatch it for that and for now I don't have the time). Directed by Mamoru Oshii this… Continue reading Movie: The beast and the boy


Netflix’s Death Note: a bad adaptation and movie

It's been a almost 2 months since the movie came out, I watched it the day after it went out. And is no surprise that I didn't like it but I decided to make a little experiment and ask people that normally don't watch anime to review it as a movie for me (not as… Continue reading Netflix’s Death Note: a bad adaptation and movie

Books · college

Reading time: The man who loved dogs

It's been ages since I posted a book review,  I literally spent all the month of september reading this book. I have quite a lot to say about it but first basic facts: Original title:El hombre que amaba a los perros Author: Leonardo Padura Genre: Historical fiction Goodreads synopsis The story revolves around Iván Cárdenas Maturell, who… Continue reading Reading time: The man who loved dogs

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Cyber Security: Malvertising

Have you ever entered a website and saw an ad like this: MAKE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS FROM HOME WITH THIS SECRET TECHNIQUE!!! You can't miss this opportunity!!!, well if you have (and is very likely you did) you just watched a malvertise. Malvertising is a practice used in web designed to camouflage malware in advertising… Continue reading Cyber Security: Malvertising