Competitive programming Tips

Since I already explained what Competitive Programming is, now I want to tell you some tips for preparing for it (Courtesy of my friend ). Find your team: Contests require to make groups of 3 in order to participate, so you'll want to choose good team mates. When assembling your team each member has to… Continue reading Competitive programming Tips


What is Competitive Programming? 

If you are new to the programming world perhaps you have heard the term: competitive programing. And just like it sounds the objective of it is solving problems through code in the quickest way possible. This is how a competition of competitive programing works: you have a team and you're given a set of problems… Continue reading What is Competitive Programming? 


Is it good to be forced to read in school?

Last month in my language class(equivalent to an English class I think?)  the teacher announced us that we were going to read a book (a historical novel) for class and the general response was a sad: Nooooooo.... :(. It amazed me a bit because we are college students, by this point I thought they already… Continue reading Is it good to be forced to read in school?