Anime review: Diabolik Lovers

Yup…. that just happened.Okay first things first this is going to be more of a rant than a review, second this is my personal opinion and you are entitled to have one of your own ( let’s agree to disagree ) ,and third SPOILERS (just in case).

I encounter this anime one boring night while browsing on Netflix something to watch, I just decided to watch it because I wanted something romantic plus its episodes are only like 5 minutes each.

My bad for expecting some cheesy rom com, to be honest I saw as quite dangerous. Let me explain: Yui is a normal and peaceful girl that is sent to live in a mansion by her father (they don’t explain why in the anime), this mansion is inhabited by 6 boys who happen to be vampires (till’ here everything OK), from here she find out they are vampires and things just get dumb and dangerous from here on.

First dangerous

  • All the boys treat her like a piece of steak, they just suck her blood all the time and insult her every single time they address her (is this suppose to be hot or sexy?).It is plain abuse both physically and mentally, sometimes they refer to her as their ‘property’ and humiliate her in multiple ways (throwing her to a pool and almost drown her, making her believe she was a sacrifice from her beloved church,etc).In one scene one of them even spikes her tea just to make an experiment .


  • When comes to blood sucking is almost comparable to a rape scene, it doesn’t matter how many times she says ‘no’ or ‘please stop’ they continue even when she is injured (remember the tea? well she drops the cup because starts to feel bad  ,cutting her hand in the process,and the guy just flips crazy because she made a mess and threatening her he would bandage her hand so strong that it would enter a state of necrosis and fall), sometimes they continue until she passes out. And these scenes are depicted as to be “sexy”.


  • The only one a bit redeemable is Subaru, it is the one that threats her with some respect and advises her to run away from there (which she doesn’t , we’ll get to her character in a moment).But he doesn’t help her, no matter how great danger.

Second the dumb

  • HOW MUCH BLOOD HAS THIS POOR CHICK IN HER BODY??? like seriously ,apart from a few times where she passes out , she continues walking like if nothing has happened not a bit of weakness or anemia.She is a freaking fountain, once she had three of them biting her and she continued like no big deal.
  • They take her to school for some reason, and the school doesn’t even play anymore purposes other than having her on a black school outfit. Like no classes, no teachers, not even a why  f**k there is  a school on the night? are the other students vampires too? why they have to go to school if they are more than a 100 years old?(based on the scenes where they are children)
  • YUI, I know she is hostage but she treats her captors kindly and lets them make her feel bad.I mean she is even polite to them like she was a guest instead of livestock for them. She cares about their well-being, Like WHY?, this must be some serious case of stockholm syndrome. To be honest she tries to contact her father at the beginning but later just shrugs it off.


And the worst part: THE FANDOM, good lord… They root for them, they want to BE Yui. I know they are drawn really good looking but that doesn’t take the fact they are abusers in all the sense of the word.Is like glamorzing an abusive relationship with someone just because the other part is handsome/pretty.I’m seriously worried.

I DON’T recommend watching this, there are a lot of good animes out there with more healthy relationships than this one.Please if you are watching be conscious about what it means, don’t just go fangirling because the guys are hot.



PD: I heard there is a second season, I don’t plan on watching it but if any of the guys redeems himself I’ll watch it. Let me know please


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