College life: classes this semester!

I started my last semester of sophomore year in college a few days ago and to be honest I was excited to begin again.This semester I’ve taken 5 classes and i’ll be adding another extra course outside from college.I’ll list my classes and what I expect from them:

  • Language II: This is an optional class that I took in order to write better, in the coming semester i’ll have to take some investigation courses and I need to know how properly write papers. So far seems pretty easy and the teaches looks really easy going
  • Computer networks II: The class I most fear of all, I disliked Computer networks I. I been told that the workload for this course is heavy and you really have to study so I’m quite worried.
  • English IV: Just to clarify is a class to learn how to speak english, it is mandatory in my college to learn english to  level B2 in order to graduate. To be honest even though I write in english on a daily basis I never give too much thought, I kinda ignore grammar (hence why this must not make any sense to some people… sorry still learning?).
  • Systems Security: I can’t even say how happy I’m to be taking this class, I have been expecting it from day one in college. Also the teacher that lectures is one of my favorite teachers of all time.
  • Programming Workshop: The programming course of the semester and seems to have so much potential, we’ll we working for the first time with agile methodology. I’m also excited for this one

And that is pretty much it for the semester , I haven’t added the extra course yet so i’ll have an update about that in the near future. Also I want to talk about my experience with classes so far in a future post.




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