Day 7: Your anime crush

First week of the challenge complete!!!

Got to be honest my all time husbando is going to be Howl from Howl’s moving castle but that is an anime movie, so in a term of serie I decided to pick out a few crushes:

-Based on cleverness: L lawliet from Death Note, more like a platonic love because I don’t think he gets human emotions (None of this people exist so all of them are platonic LOL)

-Based on coolness: definitely crow from Deadman Wonderland, he is such a badass. Once I heard that if he was the protagonist of the anime it would have been 10 times more interesting (I have to agree on this one, Ganta is a cry baby in the anime).

-Based on looks: any of the guys in Kiss Him Not Me.

I can’t think at the moment any character that has all three but it would probably be someone too egocentric to bare (like Light from Death Note).




3 thoughts on “Day 7: Your anime crush

  1. Light has a a lot of positive traits that make him seem like a good catch, until you realise he is completely egocentric and a little bit of a psychopath. That’s probably a deal breaker. Still, some interesting choices here. Looking forward to the next day.

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