Day 5: anime you’re ashamed you enjoyed

I’m ashamed I enjoyed the animation of deadman wonderland,that is it I said it. Okay, okay first let’s clarify something about deadman wonderland : people hate the anime but the manga is a ,masterpiece in my opinion(ok I may be exaggerating a bit but is my favorite manga).

IMG-0004 (1).JPG

Why I should be ashamed?

because as a fan of the manga I shouldn’t be happy with how things were handled in the anime, even if you don’t read the manga is just an anime that could have been so much more and leaves you with a confusing and plain ending.

Why I enjoy it?

I don’t even know what…. Ok the animation is okay and I love the opening, I enjoyed the fight scenes and call me creepy but I love gore mysteries. Is one of those series I used to defend when I only knew about the anime and even a little bit after falling in love with the manga.

I have no regrets (at least about deadman wonderland).




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