Sunday Without God

Genre: Fantasy,Mystery , Supernatural Episodes:12 Studio:Madhouse Year:2014  Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi  also know as Kaminai or Sunday Without God is a fantasy anime based in the light novel series written by Kimihito Irie (also been adapted into a manga). Plot (by Anime List) God has abandoned the world. As a result, life cannot end nor can… Continue reading Sunday Without God

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College experience: my first semester … again

Note: for better understanding please read a previous post here. As i mentioned previously after my first semester in another college I decided to change major and college, this post is a bit more related about the change itself and why I picked both major and college. Since I wasn't getting into this college just… Continue reading College experience: my first semester … again


Reading time: Veronika decides to die

Original Title: Veronika Decide Morrer (1998) Author: Paulo Coelho Genre: Contemporary? WARNING: this book contains triggers for suicide , depression, mental illness . Also the book contains some explicit sexual content As the title of the book clearly states this book is about Veronika and her decision to commit suicide, in this somewhat contemporary book Paulo… Continue reading Reading time: Veronika decides to die